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The Facilitator

Why are we so easily persuaded to buy things we don’t need
With money we don’t have to impress those we despise
Murder by design comes by many terms in industry
Cause and relation blur and we’re forced to ignore whatever came before

Now largely a permagarbage landscape where nature is the obstacle
For every cake a family bakery, for stolen crops and wageslaves
Business manifesto slogan fraudulent foray
Promises of the light of day instead living lives caged away

Like proposing the planet’s somehow perfect for existence
But it’s simply pure chance of chemistry and distance
Some think capitalism isn’t just a system
But the absolute basis, synonymous with living

Reality’s a fuzzy-edged boundary with blind spots and gaps
A fluctuating boundary in constant generation and collapse
Abject under-appreciation of the fundamental ties
Will inevitably lead to our deserving demise

Now largely a permagarbage landscape where nature is the obstacle
Leaving empty spaces we push for the economical
Luxury products revered all the trees disappeared
Propaganda’s absurd and surely just a parody
But they are better versed than we in our cognitive psychology
Just like the news with their asinine views
Feeling fear for a world as far away as any galaxy
A tragedy so far away it doesn’t affect me
Why in the fucking world is there no war against the wealthy?

As they shear away the edges of our unrefined solidarity
Needy hands at the ready remain empty
As they whittle away our individuality
Point the finger at self-imposed poverty
As we’re compacted into monetary society

Any word that comes from my mouth
Be it anything but conventional
Will have no worth
Totally insoluble in this homogenous dearth
Never to be heard by those devoid of empathy
By those minds who only say
“Fill me!” – but with all the ideas contrary to real, conscious living -
What a gift it is to be alive to live a real, conscious life

Our very being in this world is a spectrum of emotion
But balance in no way means to feel the same every day
High-risk, as a child you know this, but we are conditioned to forget
Some lose sight of it, instead there’s something wrong with passion or upset
Undergoing the narrowing of the breadth of experience
When they ask why you’re bordering obsession
But these people have already assigned themselves depression
Like an untouched book on an overlooked shelf,
I am at a loss to describe the world and myself

Soon the label becomes a facilitator reduced to nothing but an actor
Of all the relevant symptoms and treatments
Two problems solved in one manufactured agreement
“Feelings of despair they form in your brain,
So we’ll neurologically intercept to take away the pain!”
But no conclusive proof has ever identified serotonin
As the definitive factor for when you don’t fit in

We can’t experience loss without professional procedures
Following into ..whatever they lead us
But we feel closer to truth when we meet other believers
We can make something beautiful from whatever they leave us

The Facilitator lyrics - Addictive pHilosopHy