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Ode to an Anarchist

The system runs this world of ours
But it can’t if we won’t let it
They can’t tell me how I should live
They might as well forget it
There’s too much shit to worry about
Without them snapping at your heels
But all they want is money and power
Don’t care how anyone feels

Well they can just fuck off

There’s people in this world
Who really wanna make a difference
We know the journey’s long
But we don’t care about the distance
Don’t thank us yet; the job’s not done
Just don’t get in our way
And remember when tomorrow comes
What we did yesterday

The only way is unity
To help a common cause
Removing their immunity
Their crimes are all their wars
All people equal, none below
And no fucker above
Where the only law is love

Oh yeah

The serenade was never dead
It never fucking will be
Cos in my heart and in my head
I’m always gonna still be
On a hillside in the rain and snow
With only stars above me
When the question burning in my heart
Was will you ever love me

Ode to an Anarchist lyrics - Addictive pHilosopHy