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I dunno wot yer wearin’
But nothin’ seems to match
And I dunno what the fuck
Is goin’ on with that thatch
It’s like yer tryin’ to be
Some kinda fashion clown
Just like everybody else
And it’s gettin’ me down
Is that really what you’d wear
If you thought you had a choice
Do you shave your pubic hair
Just to please the trendy boys
Did you kiss a girl and like it
Did you fuck, I bet yer frightened
Even though yer boyfriend told yer to
But would he kiss a guy fer you

Yer feet are quite small and yer
Calves are quite fat, it’s
Not that there’s anything
Wrong with that, but d’yer
Think it looks good, or does it
Just look right, d’yer
Think yer really oughta wear
Jeans that tight, in
Years to come will you
Look back and smile, that you
Looked like a div but
That was the style

See I think it’s kinda funny
But I guess it’s kinda sad
That yer two biggest fans are
Yerself and yer dad
But yer don’t seem to mind
Cos yer think yer look the part
But what yer really look like
Is a dirty little tart
And yer getting the attention
Doin’ things we shouldn’t mention
And it helps that you’re prepared to use
The cure and not prevention
Even daddy’s mates know
That yer some kinda floozy
That’s why he built a patio
And bought a new Jacuzzi

Daddy gives yer money to
Go and buy clothes like the
Girls in magazines, better
Look like those, he
Only lets yer
Dress like a whore cos
Yer mum got fat and it don’t
Suit ’er no more, in
Years to come will you
Look back and smile, that
Daddy was a bit of a

So there you are with your new identity
With your new bolt on individuality
With your friends you know who are doing the same
It's a shame
You follow the flow with the places you go
You don't want rejection you'll never say no
But you don't understand they're all doing the same
It's a shame

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