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Welcome to the website of Addictive pHilosopHy - no bullshit, just information about the band. What's gonna happen, what's happened previously, pictures, sounds, lyrics. If there's something you wanna know that isn't already here, just ask.

We play a range of original music from mellow rocksteady to full throttle thrash, but mainly levelling out in the Ska/Punk area - think Rancid, Specials, Inner Terrestrials and Crass, but as far and wide as The Paragons to Discharge. Check our lyrics page out for what we're about - we say what we think and we're not shy about it!!

To give more of a flavour of what we sound like, here's a review of our new album "Studio":

“In the band’s typical style it isn’t backward in coming forward with their views, a forthright statement set to bubbling melody bound to get you up and dancing even as they take you down with their words.”

Review of (Not A) Novelty single
Sarah Lay - Louder Than War/Storge/Reckless Yes

“Well I have been listening to the Addictive pHilosopHy album ‘Studio’ off and on for a few weeks now and I love it. If you like something a little different then be brave and give it a spin. The best way to describe it is hippy-ska-punk hahaha sorry Gez. What I like about Addictive is the fact that they do what they want and don't give a fuck for trends. I don't really know who to compare them to, maybe Mighty Mighty Bosstones is the nearest. Or an angry Paul Weller from The Jam era with trumpets while Lemmy from Hawkwind plays bass. Needless to say all the songs are catchier than herpes and well written.”

Paddy - Lawnmower Deth

“Lots of good songs and a really hot band!”

Steve Lake - Zounds

We've shared a stage with literally hundreds of bands already but most notably:

Andy T
Asian Dub Foundation
Bad Manners
The Beat
Dr & The Medics
Ed Tudor-Pole
Eureka Machines
Inner Terrestrials
Jaya The Cat
John Otway
Lawnmower Deth
The Lurkers
Moral Dilemma
Natural Rhythm
New Town Kings
The Offenders
One Way System
The Oppressed
Paul Carter
Random Hand
Rico Rodriguez
Roddy Radiation
The Selecter
Sick On The Bus
The Skints
Steve Lake (Zounds) - as his band!!
UK Subs
The Wurzels
and many many more...!!

All gigs are full of energy, from a solo acoustic set to a full band explosion, there's no point coming to our gigs unless you wanna burn off some energy - we hate boring audiences, luckily we can generally kick up enough fuss to get people moving!! We play anywhere, we're not afraid to travel, we've been up and down the country - Scooter Rallies are a particular fave - just ask Sticky Rock, Can't Start Won't Start, Yorkshire Scooter Alliance, Huddersfield Scooter Club, Odd Mod Squad for a start. There's a rumour going round that we do covers and are available to do these for functions, weddings, bar mitzvahs etc. This is true - the covers range from 50's Rock 'n Roll to simple 90's Rock, with a heavy dose of ska/reggae thrown in. But be warned, we're not a tribute act, we play our versions of those covers and are only for genuine fans of punk, ska, etc - they're fucking awesome, but only if you like that kinda thing - we take most of our function bookings from recommendations, ask for details. So that's us - we're a straight forward band, we turn up, we play loud and fast, and we're not complicated!! This is our finest hour.


Addictive pHilosopHy

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